; production 80% completed (i am late!)

Look at what i've bought today!


this mobile suit is a complex suit for me, because of its design. i already have planned next month kits ; which will be this and kshatriya (which i'll get next week) but i still havent plan what concept and story the next dio will be.
i have not started on the unicorn cos of my current project, which i think will be late. i have taken photos to satisfy you guys more..


and here are the minor mods for the gundam, i try to make it as the same as the one i drawn.
and i was quite pleased, but overall felt like i cud do better..
here are the pics..

                                                  the torso, above, the arm, below.


i finished both arms and some parts of the waist today. and will start on the legs soon, i'll update soon! time to sleep!