; oh dear. :O

yo. just a small post about some model kits i bought recently. 
1st up, is the heavyarms and serpent custom from the wing series. 

this two are really old kits. manufactured in the year 1998.

next up will be the HG mechanics Neue Ziel & Dendrobium.

sorry about the dendro pic, forgot to rotate. hehe.
dendro was made in 2001,
and neue ziel was made in 2002.

Mono-eyes are next, zaku ground war set built in the year 2009, and gouf custom (which i bought 2 weeks ago) i am now in the midst of working on these two bad boyxzs. 

hopefully will finish in time for..

yes! will finish in time to build another dio! this compy is around the corner, and yikes! look at the date! hosted by sheng tai toys pte ltd, this compy will take place in singapore! so hurry u fellow singaporeans, grab a mg and start working ur ass off! prizes include a whopping 300 dollars cash! woots! i have to have an idea on what to build.

lastly.. (burnt a hole in my mum's pocket cause she received money from the government. hehe :P) 

the core fightaaaaaa! finally i got it! so damn happy. UCHG fever now! aiming for a zaku head next! hope to snapfit this soon, cause i am in love with this.

alright see you guys in the battlegrounds! of modelling.

group photo!