; Near completion

Hey guys, yeah i know its a long time since i post. but hey, im nearly finished! on the diorama of course. you see i had to slow down cos of camp and other stuff, but heck, the camp was great! i really wanted to re-live it.

anyway back to modelling, i started of with the base of the diorama and it turned out quite diff from what i had planned, so then i plastered and clayed the base and off to detailing, then primered it. so after that i think i coloured it to make it a rocky sandy type of look. then i cut the foam to a shape of a river.. i planned on using silicone.. so then i glued the shrubs and trees in place.. and thats the last place i left off.. i havent even started on the gundam, i plan by tonight to finish the shrubs and everything, i get my silicone. 

plus, i do not have any usb wire or memory card reader so i'll post the pics asap.
anyway, take care.