; Internals

i didn't quite take a few pics only took one pic of optimus internal.


; Special Comeback ( DMK 01)

Well, hello there. I have not blogged for about 4 months? Wow. It seems to me that 4 months of not modelling leaves a specific mark inside the heart i say. I tried and tried to get myself back to the workbench, but i simply couldn't do anything. I felt like the spark had gone since the day my mother left. Until one day, waves and waves of inspiration came crashing down on me. It felt horribly wonderful. I managed to get a new airbrush, Sparmax DH-103 Dual-Action. I hope this will last me a long time. I then managed to grab a few kits but no way I'm telling you guys what they are. Surprises for the near future, i suppose. Well, except for this kit which I'm about to present. Feel free to comment in the chat box. :)

Yes. Takara Tomy Dual Model Kit 01 Optimus Prime.

  • Excellent Details
  • Fine out of box paint.
  • Exact Resemblance from the movie (Dark of the Moon)
BUT. i do not like to work with this kit cause there are too many things dropping out, very difficult to fix once painted and etc. But once it is finished, your sweat, frustrations, and every thing you felt bad about this kit will simply go away, as you stare in awe.

I've done a pretty much simple dio for this huge model. Set in Cybertron, I posed Optimus for the very last stand with, who i am pretty much not too sure. hehehe.

There you have it. I guess my modeling level went down about 60% due to the absence.
And starting tomorrow, a secret project will commence for the Gunpla Builders World Cup!

till then!