its like im bankrupt at the moment. i dont know where the money went to. ha! another few more days to payday, and then i could start on my project! haha. dumb work, i really need to maintain and save my financial needs you know. so many things to buy, so little money to spend.
this is life as i know it. 



i have been with a girl since mid 2008, she's sweet and lovable.. but the fact remains, am i too self-centered? too much for her to withstand? what did i do wrong? when? 2 years now, its all complicated. so much complicated, now and then arguements tend to submerge. i don't know what to do. 

but yes, i do love her so much, i cant help to let her go. she was my friend, my best friend, my wife, my girlfriend, she was my everything. in the end, i respected her, for all the sacrifices that she made for me, all those hardships she went through alone. i respect her.

i am the egoistic one, the stubborn, selfish teenager i will be. what can i make of this attitude?
just hatred. desperately, i need to change, my attitude, my character.
i just need to change. to make ourselves comfortable, like 2 years ago.

p.s im sorry you guys have to read this, but, a moment of personal life cant be helped reading it it?
i have analysed my current project dateline, and i've assumed that it will be by mid-december. long huh, due to lack of money, and the need to buy a new compressor (since the old one kaboomed a few months ago) yes, i know, very sad.

                     i'll start buy scratch-building the maintainence hanger first.
                     scratch build some containers, etc.. the minor details.
                     once done, put them together to get them primed and cemented,
                     and wait till dec.
                     start off by painting rx 78, then the hanger, buy some decals and walaa.
i'll post pics of sketches of the dio asap.
till then,

take care.


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; dawn of a new modeller

Guys, its time for me to carry on what i should have continued a few years back. from now, i will not stop, halt or whatever means of stop to carry out my dream hobby.

so right now i just have to buy the supplies for my upcoming project: Real Grade Rx 78-2 Gundam in a maintanence hanger. i dont want it to be battled damaged, i want it to be fresh-out-of-the-oven like.

i dont know when is the e.t.a but i let u know once confirmed.
so be prepared for upcoming updates!

take care.