An Honour

 it was truly an honour to meet the man behind the MG series. even though i did not won anything, but this converstion was the best prize of all. A very kind man, he offered me tips and guidance for what's to come in my modelling days ahead. I'll be seeing him again next year. :)

oh and kudos to the translator, without him i would not understand a thing! hahaha


Featuring Large, 08th Ms Team

here i have another talented modeller from venezuela, which i found at some europe forum. the details are wicked, from road signs to 1/144 human figures accurately painted! this is some awesome work! but i don't want to bore with my endless talk on how great this work is.. enjoy. 

are u stunned? i am, till next modeller!


Featuring Ani, Amphibious Operation

*Modelled by Ani
 MG Acguy with Diorama


Really love the water effect! top notch realism depicted in this work! from the washes to the waves, it is beautiful! 

till next post!


; Modellers Around the World

hey guys, i will feature works from other great modellers out there from now on, in the meantime, have a good day!


GBWC Singapore and Gundam Expo Photo Coverage Part 2

The entries showcase.

PART 2 Update!
The Entries! a lot of really good entries this year.

look who's here? hehehe

A monster!! this really catches my eye!

so there it is, right now i'm in the midst of completing my bumblebee while snapfitting kits during my free time.

till next post!
take care!