; here comes the unicorn!

RX-0 Unicorn Destroy Mode 

the unicorn completed! phew, took me a few days for this, since i'm balancing school and work, i dont have much time anymore.. i'm itching to paint the kshatriya as fast as i can!

here are some of the pics i've taken.

argh! seam lines! totally forgotten about that!

sorry i do not post daily work-in-progress post, well maybe its because of my lazy self.
till then!


; Mac Group Build

Hey guys, just wanna share to you guys of my idea of joining the group build mac recently organised, the concept mecha.

it's just an idea, coz i still have my project undergoing. see first.
till next post!

; panel line trouble

these five words.


yeah, i really suck, when it comes down to markers, my hand will not be steady, a rather shivering hand is all i have. while when it comes down to enamel washes the line will be sloppy and messy. i really need help on this part. 

plus, i am doing a unicorn for now. and its main colour is white. so, when i accidentally made a mistake, and i did my best to clean it up, the excess ink will be there, ruining my paint job.

seriously guys, i need help and advice!


hi guys, throwing aside dioramas and gundam for a moment, i want to share with you guys a side project i've done for a friend. a gift u can say. its the three eyed alien from the movie TOYS STORY. even if you have not watch it, i think u might recognise this cute character.

well, it definitely did'nt turn as expected. quite horrible.
haha. i handpainted the model, which is made out of modeling clay.
god, it looks horrible. -.- plus, this is my first ever try out for modeling a figure out of clay.
criticism welcomed.


; Plans

to start it off, here are the plans, and objectives for the dio.

as u can see, im doing an under attack city/colony kind of dio. base will be around 27x17 cm,
which is kinda small. hehe. i bought my base without measuring, so i think i have to cram everything together. :/ i bought this civilian figures for 6 bucks, at a scale of 1:150,which is the nearest to the usual Hg size, 144.

also, i need to scratch build those ruined buildings, and need to get a few mini cars.

update on the unicorn, i just finished painting the unicorn, havent touched the nz-666,
plus my dateline will be extended till mid feb..

and im sorry for the drawings, kinda suck at those too.
so, i'll update u guys more on whats next.
i'll try and finish the kshatriya by end of this week!
till then,


my photos are up at g-shot! wish me luck!


,Just finished snap fitting the unicorn, as i was snap fitting, i stumbled upon dc23's post on the unicorn and the kshatriya, which are jawdropping fantastic works. so, just to update u guys, where im currently at right now. so the next day will be the kshatriya.. and i hope i'll get this done by early feb.. i'll update u guys soon tho.. have a nice day!


; G-Shot anyone?

Hehe. these photos will be up in Gundam Guy's online contest G-shot. How? have a chance in winning? hehe. there has been a lot of fabulous works posted. i recommend u guys go check it out. My photos will be in the Best Diorama (where else?) category. i entered this for fun, but if i win, it'll be a bonus. to look up for the prizes, click on the link below.

if any of u guys wanna join, click HERE! 
till next time folks! :D

; Commencing Project January

alright, i'll be starting on the next project tmrw. which is the kshatriya,
and the unicorn,

i plan for the base to be in a colony, but i think it'll look like it was in a city or some sort.
i'll draw up the plan, and i'll update u guys.

Take care!

: Maintainence Completion Final Phase

: Maintainence Completion Phase 2

Phase 2 folks!