; Production 65% completed

The base of the dio.
The next boring step.
The other boring step.
Gap for the river.
Chalk mixing for drybrushing.
Tools and 'ingredients' for the river.
the finished 'disgusting' river.
moss, shrubs, trees and river.
more river.
Front plan.
Tree and Gundam.
Gundam @ base with crappy legs.

Diagonal view.
Bird's eye view.

Well, there you have it. i have been waiting for a very long time to upload these pics. yes, the river is crappy.. cause its my first time doing water. plus i suck at scribing panel lines.. haha..
and also i havent even started on the gundam, but i'll try and finish by the end of the year.
see how it goes. haha.

i'll update you guys soon ok?