the final stages!

hah! back again guys! i am currently finishing the dio asap, plus i cant wait to start on the gundam! as u can see, my dio did not turned as plan in the papers i sketched in the beginning. well, i hope this doesnt repeat itself in the near future! i still need to panel line the base, oh did u guys noticed? i didnt bought the mech base! haha, i scratched built instead. so, i'll try and finish this up by tmrw, and start doing the gundam the day after. and i hope to see this project finished by the end of the year. i was wondering, maybe i'll participate in the gunpla photo contest organized by gundam guy. yeah.. but first, make this piece of art finished first.

ANNND.. i want some of your opinions whether i should buy 1.HG 1/144 kshatriya w/ HG 1/144 twin loto set. 2. HG 1/144 Sinanju w/ Unicorn 3. RG char's Zaku 4. MG Sword impulse 
Please please give me your opinions!!! by 4th of june!! please im in dilemma! i cant think of what to buy!!

and plus, the kits mentioned above will be modeled with an awesome spectacular dio.
so please, comment.