; Pre-production/Planning

As you have seen those pictures above, i intend to 'borrow' this idea. As u can see, the modeller is somewhat great and powerful with his skills. he's from japan.. you know what i mean. this is from hobby japan's september issue, mainly filled in of the recently released Real Grade model kit, the rx 78-2 gundam.

nah, i'm not gonna mod it fully like shown above (like it will turn out perfectly), i'm just gonna do some minor mods. 

alright enough with the gundam.
you must have heard of kotobukiya mechanical bases right? it's affordable plus the details crispy clear.. but, no im not getting that as the base, im getting the other brand.


yes, i know, its a ripoff, but seriously, it costs me more than half of the kotobukiya bases.
just a whopping 8 bucks. haha, but, as this is my first time getting a tt hongli brand, im quite concerned for the plastic and how it's molded. well, worth a try.
if you too wanna get this search gunplasg.com under display bases. never mind, i'll link it out.


so there you go. plus, i heard if you're ordering today, you'll get your product delivered the next day, fast or what? (for singaporeans, you know why its fast? our island's small. duh.)
buy over 40 free delivery, under 40, 5 bucks charged.

ok, bye! 

; Pre-production/Planning

hey guys, yeah i know its a long time that i posted a post. ha, futhermore, its nearing to payday.. and recently i did this rough sketches to show u guys what my RG gundam looks like, and im sorry for those very rough sketches, not a good a sketcher i suppose. haha. so now lets show u guys the pics..

the overall look of the dio.

My wall :)

Front view of waist

Rear view of waist

Front view of legs

Rear view of legs

The crappy drawn legs.

The mech base dimensions.

 So there you have it, notice the arrows pointing out saying open, thats where the parts that i'll modify, and the dio itself will be in a forested kind of world, well i definitely cant wait to start! 

till then fellow modellers!


back to phase 1. -.-

For a period of time, i was hoping for this day to come, how i was so excited to carry out my first ever project since a few years!! but then, 4th of november did not came in me.. the day before, i was working. so then, a colleague of mine was handling some payslips given by the boss. i asked where's mine.. and guess what. he flipped and saw nothing, no link, no reference or whatsoever to my name. yes what a shame. 

so now, i just have to wait another month to fly pass. and believe me, i trust in the caption; time flies fast.. ( or is it a phrase?) so i just have to prepare what to buy, and survey some stuff..

till next time.
take care.