; The Unicorn and The Beast

After 2 months of building, constructing and also severing people heads, arms and legs. My diorama of Hg NZ-666 Kshatriya & Hg RX-O Unicorn has completed. thank god. Sorry to say i didnt post any WIPs actually, because i spent so much time, not focusing to take pics. This i gotta improve.

Anyway, the diorama depicts two mobile suits in combat, the unicorn retreating from the slashing sabers of the kshatriya. So the winning mobile suit is the beast.
Also, the dio depicts the futility of war, the violence not only shared by two opposing sides, is also shared by the ones who are innocent. 

and without further ado, i present you, my 1st dio of the year.
Enjoy! C&C welcomed.

Poor guy.

Poor Guy.. :(

That is all. I'm sorry for the violence that was produced in the model, hope it doesnt offend any of ya.. Just wanna show that war is futile! World peace babe! 

End Of Project Jan/Feb.

Start Of Project Mar: Tomorrow.

I'll be starting on the Raphael Gundam. I still have another 3 more kits to go, excluding the raphael.. i hope this time it'll be better! 

I still could've done better.. 
well, till next post! 
Take care!