; Update

Howdy! first thing i wanna share to you guys, my mum is improving! may god bless her.
well, did that ^ just now, its not entirely finished. i did some shopping just now, and guess what it is? scroll down to know.

those are random pics, since its so long i didnt update u guys. i'll prolly do the rubble tmrw.
and now, these are the two items i bought at HAG (hobby art gallery) they're having a chinese new year sale, 30% off storewide for saturday and 25% off for sunday! its a damn good thing i have some $. heheh, pressing on, here it is.

its a gatling gun designed for the unicorn! also compatible with kshatriya! its good cause im currently doing these two kits, and futhermore i got this for a cheap good ol' 8 bucks!
wow! but the thing about this is that its made in china, and it is with great expectation that i expect this gun have some molding probs. and its true, the frame are not as shiny and its quite rough compared to the usual one. so thats that, and lastly..

yes, the raphael, quite unexpected huh. i wan to try and modify its backpack to become seravee 2. but this is to worry for later. so, love the hobby, and i'll see you guys next time. cheerio!