; Behind Enemy Lines

Guys! Let me present to you my latest work.

Behind Enemy Lines! I have been working on this build since the last work, which is about one month.
I have intended to participate in the upcoming Gunpla Builders World Cup and it's deadline for submission is 8th November. Wish me the best of luck! This build is quite challenging to me because i have never in my life paint figures and military vehicles. (one has to experience eh?) So, just scroll down and leave behind comments or critics in the chatbox to your right. Thanks!

Water is from woodlands scenic's realistic water as well as trees, underbrush, bushes and grass. Mud or earth element is from Tamiya weathering bottle.
Model Kits used is UCHG Core Fighter & Cyclops Set.

Next up, something quite different from Gundam!

Yes it is, Zoids! ignore the age gundam, just bought it to test the articulation. from what i heard it's superb!
Till then,