i have been with a girl since mid 2008, she's sweet and lovable.. but the fact remains, am i too self-centered? too much for her to withstand? what did i do wrong? when? 2 years now, its all complicated. so much complicated, now and then arguements tend to submerge. i don't know what to do. 

but yes, i do love her so much, i cant help to let her go. she was my friend, my best friend, my wife, my girlfriend, she was my everything. in the end, i respected her, for all the sacrifices that she made for me, all those hardships she went through alone. i respect her.

i am the egoistic one, the stubborn, selfish teenager i will be. what can i make of this attitude?
just hatred. desperately, i need to change, my attitude, my character.
i just need to change. to make ourselves comfortable, like 2 years ago.

p.s im sorry you guys have to read this, but, a moment of personal life cant be helped reading it it?